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Credit Card Payment Gateways have multiplied in the last couple of years providing e-commerce website owners a range of rates, fees and options to choose from. 

Most providers have an upfront component on signup which might include a deposit amount and a percentage per each transaction cost.

Some gateways like Paypal don’t charge any upfront cost and their percentage is also low but they do charge an amount for withdrawal of money.

Should you go for a higher upfront payment and lower percentage or a lower upfront payment and higher percentage?

If your transaction volume is going to be very high then a lower percentage might save you a lot of money in the long term although upfront payment would be higher.
Note: The most of PG companies listed below are the business partner of Ozg Merchant Service Co. You may order their services through Ozg.

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1.         Anacom, Anacom Merchant Services payment gateway, United States
2.         Banco Comercial Portugues payment gateway, Banco Comercial Portugues, Portugal
3.         Bank Merchant POS (BMP) payment gateway, Bank of China, China
4.         Beanstream payment gateway, Beanstream Internet Commerce, Inc., Canada
5.         Bibit, Bibit Internet Payments payment gateway, Netherlands
6.         Biz*Star PX payment gateway, Shanghai Shared Data Network Co. Ltd (SSDN), Singapore
7.         Business Gateway Service payment gateway, WorldCom, Japan
8.         Buy-Line, Bank of New Zealand payment gateway, New Zealand
9.         CAFIS payment gateway, NTT Data Corp., Japan
10.       Cambist payment gateway, Cambist Merchant Solutions, United States
11.       Camtech payment gateway, Camtech Corp., Australia
12.       CCNow payment gateway, CCNow, Inc., United States
13.       Chinatrust payment gateway, Chinatrust Commercial Bank (CTCB), Taiwan, Province of China
14.       CIBC payment gateway, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Canada
15.       CIPAS Indonesia payment gateway, PT. CIPAS Indonesia, Indonesia
16.       CitiBank India payment gateway, CitiBank India, India
17.       ClearCommerce payment gateway, ClearCommerce Corp., United States
18.       ClickBank payment gateway, Keynetics Inc., United States
19.       ClickPay payment gateway, Professo, LLC, United States
20.       CMB payment gateway, China Merchants Bank, China
21.       Comtrust payment gateway, Comtrust, United Arab Emirates
22.       CyberCash payment gateway, VeriSign Payment Services, United States
23.       CyberSource payment gateway, CyberSource Corp., United States
24.       DataCash payment gateway, DataCash Ltd., United Kingdom
25.       DirectLink payment gateway, Plug 'n Pay Technologies, Inc., United States
26.       DnB payment gateway, DnB - Den norske Bank, Norway
27.       e4Sure payment gateway, e4asia Inc., Thailand
28.       EBS payment gateway, Electronic Billing Systems AG, Germany
29.       Ecgate payment gateway, Ecnet, South AfricaE-Commerce Africa
30.       ECHOnline payment gateway, Electronic Clearing House, Inc

Payment Gateway Team
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31.       E-Commerce Africa payment gateway, Netherlands
32.       eops payment gateway, eops AG, Germany
33.       ePagos payment gateway, ePagos Merchant Services, United States
34.       E-Payment payment gateway, Interactive Worldwide Limited, Australia
35.       ePDQ payment gateway, Barclaycard Merchant Services, United Kingdom
36.       eSec Payment Service payment gateway, eSec Ltd., Australia
37.       eStores payment gateway, Bank of America, United States
38.       EuroDebit payment gateway, Moreband Corp. NV, Netherlands Antilles
39.       FirstEcom payment gateway, First Ecom, HongKong
40.       GestPay payment gateway, Banca Sella S.p.A., Italy
41.       I.N.G payment gateway, Internet Networking Group, Netherlands
42.       IntelliPaypayment gateway , IntelliPay Inc., United States
43.       IPGS payment gateway, Visa, United States
44.       iVeri payment gateway, eCompany Ltd., South Africa
45.       JustGiving.com payment gateway, Justgiving, United Kingdom
46.       Ka-Chingg and TPG payment gateway, iPayment Technologies, United States
47.       Kagi payment gateway, United States
48.       LinkPoint payment gateway, CardService International, United States
49.       LiveProcessor payment gateway, Paymentplus, Inc., United States
50.       MultiCards.com payment gateway, De Postel BV, Netherlands
51.       NetBanx payment gateway, NetBanx Ltd., United Kingdom
52.       OrderButton.Net payment gateway, Inc., United States
53.       Pago PAY payment gateway, Pago eTransaction Services GmbH, Germany
54.       PAY@db payment gateway, Deutsche Bank, Germany
55.       PayCash.ru payment gateway, Alkor Group of Companies, Russian Federation
56.       PayControl payment gateway, Netcetera AG, Switzerland
57.       PayFlow payment gateway, VeriSign Payment Services, United States
58.       Paymentservice payment gateway, Paymentservice.at, Austria
59.       PayWare payment gateway, Trintech Group plc, Ireland
60.       PayWay payment gateway, Nobil IT Corporation, Canada

Payment Gateway Team
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61.       PlanetPayment payment gateway, Planet Group Inc., United States
62.       QPAY and QTILL payment gateway, QENTA paymentsolutions GmbH, Austria
63.       QSI Client Class payment gateway, QSI Payments, Australia
64.       Secure-e-pay payment gateway, Global Tele-Systems Ltd., India
65.       SecurePay payment gateway, SecurePay Pty Ltd., Australia
66.       SecureTrading payment gateway, SecureTrading, United Kingdom
67.       Setcom payment gateway, Setcom (Pty) Ltd., South Africa
68.       SIPS payment gateway, Siam Commercial Bank PCL., Thailand
69.       Solo e-payment payment gateway, Solo Market/Merita Bank Plc, Finland
70.       Speedpay payment gateway, E Commerce Group, United States
71.       SurePay payment gateway, SurePay LP, United States
72.       Telecharge Canada payment gateway, TeleCharge Canada, Canada
73.       Telecommerce payment gateway, France Telecom, France
74.       Thirt.com payment gateway, South Africa
75.       TOPGate payment gateway, Shanghai Bankcard Network Services Corp., China
76.       VIP payment gateway, Virbus AG, Germany
77.       WebCollect payment gateway, GlobalCollect, Netherlands
78.       Webmoney.ru payment gateway, WebMoney Transfer, Russian Federation
79.       Webpay payment gateway, Transbank, Chile
80.       Google 2checkout
81.       Authorize.net
82.       Banca Sella Gestpay
83.       Beanstream
84.       bluepay
85.       ChecksByNet
86.       ChronoPay
87.       Concord EFS
88.       CyberBit
89.       CyberSource
90.       Echo

Payment Gateway Team
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91.       ETS
92.       eWay
93.       fastcharge
94.       FastTransact
95.       gomerchant
96.       Google Checkout
97.       HDFC
98.       HSBC
99.       ibill
100.     ICICI
101.     Internet Secure
102.     iTransact
103.     linkpoint
104.     Moneris eSelect Plus
105.     moneybookers
106.     NetBilling
107.     Ogone Payment Services
108.     Paradata
109.     Pay Junction
110.     paymenow
111.     Payment Express (DPS)
112.     Paypal
113.     ProtX
114.     PSI Gate
115.     Sage Payment Solutions
116.     SkipJack
117.     stormpay
118.     Total Web Solutions
119.     Trine Commerce Systems
120.     Triple Deal
121.     Trust Commerce
122.     USAePay
123.     verisign
124.     Virtual Merchant (NOVA)
125.     WorldPay

Payment Gateway Team
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